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Soccer Club of Newington

Soccer Club of Newington

A Parent's Guide to Travel Soccer

Travel Soccer is a higher level of play and requires a substantial commitment in time and energy. It provides your child the opportunity to play soccer while promoting the sport of soccer in a fun and educational way. Travel soccer will develop your child’s soccer skills, introduce competition while displaying good sportsmanship.

What is travel soccer and how does it differ from recreational soccer league?
SCN's travel teams are competitive. Therefore, making the roster, and staying on the roster, must be earned based on the team member's play and effort. In a recreational soccer league, all players are placed on a team roster regardless of playing ability. Recreational soccer also has unique requirements to encourage participation by all players, such as all players must play half of each game. The travel soccer program is organized by age and gender. It provides a highly competitive training and playing environment for those players who have the required athletic ability, soccer skills, and commitment. The travel teams will meet for practice twice a week and usually there will be two games per weekend. Travel soccer is divided by birth year for each team. The goals for each age group may differ. For instance, the U9 & U10 age group teams focusing on player development and the introduction of competitive play, but winning is secondary to player development. Playing time is anticipated to be about half the game, so the players can develop their skills. U11 & U12 travel soccer continues to work on player development, while introducing more advanced skills. Playing time is still anticipated to be about half the game, but is at the coach’s discretion. U13, U14 & U15 travel soccer continues to work on player development, advance skills while focusing on the competitiveness of the higher level. The change in focus is to prepare the players for High School soccer. Playing time is based on the team’s needs, and is at the coach’s discretion. Towns participating in the travel program are located in the Central and North Central CT Districts. Most travel games are within a 30-minute drive. However, travel tournaments may be held in any number of New England locations.

How do I get on a travel team?
You must tryout to join a travel team. SCN requires all travel teams to have a tryout each year, generally in June. Some teams however, may have supplemental tryouts at other times during the year. The travel tryouts are for participating in the fall and following spring season.

When and where are tryouts?
SCN requires all its travel teams to hold open tryouts, generally in June, after the spring season ends. Tryouts consist of one or more sessions to evaluate your child's athletic ability, skills, and interest. After the tryouts, an offer may or may not be extended to your child. Alternatively, after the first tryout, the coach may ask your child to return for additional tryouts, or recommend your child continues another year in recreation soccer.

What are the costs related to travel soccer?
Travel soccer is, by nature, more expensive than recreational soccer. The registration fee for travel soccer is $200 per season, and can be paid with our payment plan. Players will also be required to purchase a uniform. Uniforms are approximately $90, which supplies your child with 2 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of socks. Additional items can be purchased. Uniform purchasing will be required shortly after team selection, to ensure
your child has a uniform for the start of the season.
Teams are required to participate in the Annual Newington Wrap-Up Tournament, traditionally held in mid-June. A family member of travel players are responsible to volunteer 2 hours of their time at this event.