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Goalkeeper Training

Join Soccer Club of Newington’s George Kostelis for a summer-long Goalkeeper Academy!

Training sessions will emphasize developing proper technique and the physical skills needed to be an effective goalkeeper. 
Based on the topics trained, the sessions will implement tactical and psychological implications to stimulate and challenge goalkeepers to make decisions. From being the first line of attack to the last line of defense, greater emphasis is placed on becoming a player who understands and can execute the modern demands of goalkeeping.  

Topics Covered: How and when to Set, Basic Handling, Positioning, Angle Play, Diving, Tipping Over the Bar, Dealing with Crosses, Breakaway Technique & Tactics, Training the Back Pass, Distribution/Initiating the Attack, Boxing: One & Two Hands, Footwork, Interval/Pressure Training & Penalty Kicks.

Camp Contact: George Kostelis @ [email protected]

Location: TBD
Time: Age 9 through 16, 9:00AM - 11:00AM
Dates: Monday through Thursday, August 2nd through 5th & August 9th – 12th with rain makeups on Fridays.

Resident or Newington Soccer Club player - $235 
Non Resident/Non Newington Soccer Club player -